Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Fukuoka University, Japan.

Shintaro Mori received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Kagawa University in 2007, 2009, and 2014, respectively. Since April 2014, he has been with the Department of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, Fukuoka University, Japan, where he is currently an assistant professor. His research interests include cross-layer design and wireless sensor networks. He is a member of IEEE, IEICE, ISSJ, and RISP.



  • Email:
  • Phone: +81-(0)92-871-6631
  • Address: 8-19-1, Nanakuma, Jonan-ku, Fukuoka, 814-0180 Japan.
  • Website:
  • SNS: Facebook / YouTube


Research Field and topics of interest

  • Smart city applications
  • Blockchain technologies for wireless networks
  • Information-centric wireless networks
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle-assisted wireless networks
  • Wireless sensor networks, body area sensor networks, and low-power wide area networks
  • Wireless communications and cross-layer design


  • Matsuyama-Higashi High School, Ehime, Japan (Mar. 2003)
  • Dept. Reliability-based Info. Syst. Eng., Faculty of Eng., Kagawa Univ., Japan (Mar. 2007)
  • Graduated School of Eng. (Master’s program), Kagawa Univ., Japan (Mar. 2009)
  • Graduated School of Eng. (Ph. Doctor’s program), Kagawa Univ., Japan (Mar. 2014)

Work Experiences

  • Part-time instructor in Kagawa Junior College (Oct. 2009–Jan. 2014)
  • Assistant Professor in Fukuoka University (since Apr. 2014)

Competitive funding

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) #21H03436 (Apr. 2021–Mar. 2025) [Homepage in Japanese]
  • Grant-in-aid for young scientists #19K20261 (Apr. 2019–Mar. 2023) [Homepage in Japanese]
  • Recommended research project in Fukuoka University #197005 (Apr. 2019–Mar. 2022)
  • SCOPE #190116 (June 2019–Mar. 2020)
  • Research grant of the telecommunication advancement foundation (TAF) (Apr. 2017–Mar. 2018) [Report in Japanese]
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) #25420374 (Apr. 2014–Mar. 2016)

Committees & TPCs

Session Chairs

  • IEICE Society Conf. 2019–2021 oral sessions
  • IEEE ICC 2019 oral session and poster session
  • RISP NCSP 2016–2019 oral sessions
  • IEEE/VTS APWCS 2014 and 2018 oral sessions
  • The 81st National Convention of IPSJ oral session
  • IEICE ASN (Nov. 2018) oral session
  • IPSJ/IEICE FIT 2018 oral session


  • Best research & presentation award in IEICE SeMI on July 2019 (Sept. 2020)
  • Outstanding research achievement and contribution to APSCIT 2019 Annual Meeting Invited Presentation (July 2019)
  • Student paper award in NCSP 2013 (Mar. 2013)


  • IEEE (since June 2006)
  • IEICE (since May 2007)
  • ISSJ (since Apr. 2013)
  • RISP (since Sept. 2013)